Дмитрий Поляков (дирижер, композитор)

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Dmitry Polyakov, a conductor has two passions, classical music, and pleasing audiences. Consequently, his repertoire continues to provide stunning performances. Each concert announcement stirs the interest and excitement of the music public in cities where he conducts. Dmitry tours extensively as a guest conductor and participates in creative projects and a variety of events. Currently, he is the Music Director of the Rococo Orchestra in Moscow.

In 2019 in Spain he became the winner of the senior group of the 27th World Music Competition in the conducting nomination.

The Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory is considered one of the elite schools of music and where Dmitry is proud to have had his education. This conservatory is recognized for its vast spectrum of specialties in the field of classical music. He was awarded diplomas in Orchestral Conducting, Operatic Conducting, and Composition. Furthering his music education, he participated in a few weeks Master course of Conducting of Maestro Yuri Simonov in Moscow, Masterclasses of Christian Ehwald in Germany, and of Czeslaw Grabowski in Poland.

Over the years, he’s had remarkable opportunities to conduct orchestras in Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania, Kazakhstan, and his native Russia. His conducting journey has resulted in invaluable career experience and skills in leading orchestras. International concert experiences, his educational background and years of dedicated work, demonstrate his solid, creative, instrumental leadership aptitude and shows his innate capabilities. Under his baton, orchestra members follow his clear directions as he leads in concerts. He’s comfortable directing the instrumentalists in the rehearsal room as well as the soloists on stage. His vast knowledge of repertoires gives him experienced confidence with any sheet music, on any podium.

Over the course of his extraordinary career, Dmitry Polyakov has conducted prominent orchestras such as: Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Brandenburg State Orchestra in Germany, Zielona Gora Philharmonic Orchestra in Poland, Concert Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory, Safonov Philharmonic Orchestra, Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra, Murmansk Philharmonic Orchestra, Nizhny Tagil Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow Conservatory Opera Theatre Orchestra, Mordovia State Chamber Orchestra, Castello Symphony Orchestra in Spain and other collectives.

A milestone in his career was the Musical Offering Festival, it became a symbol of collaboration between himself and the Murmansk Philharmonic, which produced many unforgettable concerts. One of these occurred on February 1, 2015. The Festival opened with the winner of the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels, violinist Andrey Baranov.

To the international arena, Dmitry Polyakov debuted his conducting career outside of his native Russia, in Poland. He successfully conducted a series of concerts during the International Forum of Young Conductors and the Music Festival Days of Music on the Oder, 2015. Among the works included in the concert programs were masterpieces of Western European and Russian music such as Unfinished Symphony by Franz Schubert and Fantasy Overture Romeo and Juliet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

As a composer, Dmitry has authored symphonic works, instrumental concerts, chamber / instrumental music, vocal and choral works, which have been performed in Russia and abroad. Conductor Polyakov’s recordings span from classical symphonic to operatic repertoires, as well as contemporary works.


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