Denis Pisarevskiy. B-E-La, Music for piano.

Добавлено 19 апреля 2020 Денис Писаревский

Денис Писаревский (клавесин, композитор, орган, фортепиано)

Denis Pisarevskiy. B-E-La, Music for piano. Alex Waite — piano

23.01.2020, Komponist*innenWerkstatt, HMDK Stuttgart.

I dedicate this work to Béla Bartók, whose oeuvre has inspired and is still inspiring further generations of composers and performers. For a thematic core of my work, I chose a B-E-La sound combination, which is interpreted both as a melody and as a sum of intervals, as well as a chord playing a very special part in the Bartók's oeuvre and making one of his style hallmarks. The used citation from the third movement of the Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta (BB 114), which appears first in the original form in bars 4−6, is for me, on the one hand, a thematic material and «tool» as it bears the principle of rhythmic progression, which becomes one of the key texturing and styling components of my work, and, on the other hand, a metaphor. In his masterpiece, Bartók created, inter alia, a unique timbre palette. In turn, I rely on imitating the percussion, string, harp, and celesta timbres with the capabilities of piano as the sole instrument.

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