M.Starshinov — Fantasy «Dark Mario» for piano solo (Sheet music)

Добавлено 30 декабря 2018 Starmax17

Maksim Starshinov (композитор, тромбон)

Dark Mario — It is this he appears before us in this interpretation. Unhealthy-cheerful. And going farther and farther along his path, he becomes calm and happy. This work is a modern look at simple melodies from the Super Mario game. But even here, in music, he saves the princess from the dragon. There is also the theme of the main character, and the love lyrics, and the theme of the dungeon. This work, despite the modern language, can be called romantic. In places, this is a parody of great composers such as Gershwin, Liszt, Saint-Saëns. Perhaps you will hear everything yourself. In the end, you can hear one small phrase — the theme of love from the 2 symphonies of Rachmaninov (the fact that this is a theme of love, it seems to me). I will be happy if someone can do it. Write, if you want;) Download notes here: https://m-star.musicaneo.com/ru/sheetmusic/sm-306286_fantaziya_temnyj_mario.html

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